Adult swimming lessons in Hougang to brush up on rusty strokes

Many adults don’t know to swim because their parents did not send them to the kids swimming classes. As you age, making your career, the goal to swim becomes even more daunting.

Some want to choose Adult swimming lessons in Hougang for scuba diving, kayaking, or other sports. The most common one is because it is fun to swim in the pool in their condominium!

Whatever the reason, you are most likely wondering why you need Adult swimming lessons in Hougang and which classes are most suitable for you?

Below, you will understand the difference between Adult Group Classes and Adult Private Lessons.

Benefits of Adults Swimming lessons in Hougang

There are plenty of benefits for an individual who knows swimming. Swimming is an exercise that involves different muscles all across the body. It reduces stress, improves appearance, and can help to lessen depression. For those who have sustained injuries, swimming is the best exercise that doesn’t lead to strain or re-injury. It is a low-impact exercise. Another most important benefit of getting Adults Swimming lessons in Hougang will help save someone or your life in case of an emergency like falling into the water.

For anyone over 16 years of age, Adults Swimming lessons in Hougang promises to help you gain the skill and confidence you need to become a quick swimmer. The certified professional will help you learn graceful swimming and lifesaving skills.

Adult Group Swimming Classes

If you join Adults Swimming classes in Hougang together with your friends or colleagues, who might want to learn swimming for the same reason. It will help to interact with them in your classes. The instructor will teach you individually based on your progress.

Group class a better option if you are aquaphobic. You would be able to overcome the fear slowly as you learn new your breathing technique in the water.


You can opt for any of the following for the Adults Swimming lessons in Hougang that will boost your confidence.

  • 16 years old onwards
  • 45mins per lesson
  • Mixed-gender class
adult swimming lessons hougang

Adult Private Swim Lessons

Hougang Swimming Complex can help you achieve your swimming goals no matter your skills, guiding you on what to choose over what? The certified and insured swim instructors have the right equipment to teach swimming to swimmers from all backgrounds, from first-time adult swimmers to competitive adult swimmers and everyone in between who wants to sharpen their skills. With the Hougang Adults Swimming lessons, you will be taught by highly experienced swim instructors beginning with the swimming classes in the pool of your choice!


Swim instructors have the right equipment to teach private swim lessons to adults in the beginning phase of adult swimming lessons in Hougang. The friendly and experienced swim instructors can help beginner swimmers learn swimming despite their starting point. Hougang private swim lessons are ideal for adults who fear swimming. The patient and understanding swim instructors will help you overcome the phobia so you can enjoy swimming.

Within 10-12 lessons, beginner adult swimmers get ready to go next stage of intermediate and advanced swimming skills. In this stage, you will learn to get comfortable with water, breathing, and buoyancy techniques. Also, floating, gliding, kicking, and other skills prepare you to swim and try some swim strokes.


Intermediate private adult swimming lessons in Hougang involve learning and practicing front and back strokes and treading water. Experienced swim instructors will teach you the proper techniques that will help you build long-lasting swimming abilities.


Adult advanced private adult swimming lessons in Hougang focus on more advanced techniques, such as butterfly stroke, flip turns, diving and refining. These four main strokes will help you make each stroke more efficient. The swim guide will help you work on your swimming skills in your home pool.

Specialized Training for Competitions, Triathlons, and Fitness

Swim trainers also offer private adult swimming lessons for swimmers who want to work on their endurance and stamina for swimming. They will also help you with triathlon swim training for swimmers participating in triathlons. Even the private swim lesson also fulfills the needs of adults who wish to work on fitness in the water.

What Will You Learn?

The basic styles you will learn in the beginner swimming classes in Hougang are:

  • Front crawl (freestyle)
  • Breaststroke (frog style)

Your coach will analyze your swimming skills and teach you the techniques to help you start swimming faster. However, if you start gaining interest, you may highlight to your coach which style you prefer to go for first.

For instance, I Want To Learn Butterfly!

Awesome! If you are confident and want to progress, techniques like treading water, butterfly style, or backstroke. In this phase, you have to get the best adult swimming lessons in Hougang. You will need to customize the swimming lesson. 

How to choose the best swim instructor in Hougang?

When starting swimming lessons in Hougang, it is important to know that a swim instructor is the best possible way to learn swimming. Many people do not know how to choose the best swim instructor in Hougang, so we’ve compiled a list of what things you should keep in mind during your swimming lessons. 

1) Find a Swim Instructor Who Has The Certification and registered with NROC

Find a swim instructor that fulfills the needs with correct training specifications. Swim instructors should have the following qualifications:

  • CPR Certification
  • First Aid Certification
  • Formal Swim Instructor Training/Certification
  • NROC (National Registery of Coaches)

2) Make Sure the Swim Instructor Has Teaching Experience

For swimming exercises, it is significant that the swim teacher has formal training experience. Many swimmers may pretend that they have years of experience. However, isn’t sufficient with regards to private swim exercises. As the individual has dominated at the actual game doesn’t make them a professional swim educator or mentor. Sometimes, the training experience goes well with some and may not with the rest. Checking past reviews of the clients can help you with the decision.

Some of the time, the training experience is simply with a couple of loved ones, and that likewise isn’t identical to genuine educating experience as a certified swim teacher.

It is something we screen for while talking with potential swim teachers at Hougang Swim School. While a dip teacher may appear to be wonderful on paper, there have been numerous events where we go educators down for a task since they battle to address inquiries on showing essential swim abilities. By and large, they’re accustomed to offering casual guidance to individual swimmers who need procedure refinement — subsequently, they battle to separate abilities into straightforward advances that are absorbable for fledgling swimmers.

3) Swim Instructor That Meet Your Specific Needs

Make sure the instructor is experienced, swim level, and your specific requirements. If you are looking for an instructor with specialized skills for your lessons, then look for the following expertise.

  • Experience teaching children with special needs
  • Experience in parent and tot lessons or infant lessons
  • Specialized in certain skills 
  • Competitive swim coaching
  • Endurance and fitness lessons

Determine what you need to learn during your adult swimming lesson in Hougang that meets your individual needs.

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4) Perform a Background Check

Check the background of the instructor. It is important if the instructor is coming home. Knowing your swim instructor is trustworthy and gives you complete peace of mind.

5) Look For a Personality Fit

Once you understand that your instructor is qualified and experienced, check your connection between the trainer and you. Find if the swim instructor explains concepts in a way that makes sense to you.

Check out the aspects of personality you should consider:

  • Professional high energy or calm instructor
  • Search for someone firm or lenient
  • An instructor with a strict lesson plan

To make sure you’ve found the right swimming instructor and perfect class type.  Especially if you are searching independently, make sure you speak with the swim instructor before scheduling your Adults Swimming lessons in Hougang.

Find out more about the Swimming lessons in Hougang at Hougang Swimming Complex to sharpen your swimming skills!