Kids swimming lessons in Hougang for kids aged 7 and up

Kids swimming lessons in Hougang plays an important role in the holistic development of children. Whether it is for physical exercise or learning water safety, swimming is an activity which encourages your kids to stay active and also build social skills. That is the reason swimming lessons are a recognized and highly regarded activity in Singapore. Even this sport has is added to the curriculum of the kids. Ministry of Education has made it a compulsory program for every kid of primary 3 to get involved in the Hougang swimming lessons. Learning swimming at a young age helps your child to develop advanced physical and cognitive abilities. Also, it helps in the muscular and mental growth of the child. Moreover, if you are involved in the aquatic environment, it stimulates the brain to produce stress-reducing hormones called endorphins. It improves your child’s moods and reduces pressure. 

Benefits Of Starting Early Swimming Lessons For Your Kid

Build positive confidence in & out of the pool

It is common for some kids to have water fear. Kids’ swimming lessons in Hougang is a pathway that helps them to overcome that fear and nervousness. It is an ideal positive process that helps to improve self-esteem. It will result in a self-confidence booster! Through the swim skills taught in swimming classes, the learning will set a positive attitude for learners. It also affects other physical activities.

Improve the mental health of the child

At a young age, water forms a sensorial experience and improves mental and emotional health. Even the studies have shown that the kinaesthetic nature of swim movements helps in coordination. It stimulates the connection of mind and body, boosting the brain, and contributes to improving your kid’s performance in areas such as comprehension and even problem-solving in mathematics!

Involvement in physical activity

Swimming is the only activity that involves the learner to maintain balance with air and water. While inside the water, the breathing process requires a timely synchronization of exhaling underwater and inhaling above the water. It is a conscious effort of breathing. It has been proven through studies that swimming has a significantly positive effect on lung function and also reduces the risk of asthma symptoms, especially for kids.

Help to improve social skills

Although swimming is considered as an activity of individual performance, but the nature of swim learning is quite the opposite. It becomes enjoyable if you have a group setting swimming with fellow swim mates. There are plenty of opportunities to develop social skills with meaningful social engagement in and outside of school.

Reduce stress for a better living

Do you know that swimming proves to increase endorphins and boost the mood positively? As with other sports activities, kid swimming lessons help clear the mind, relieving the stress with balanced regular physical activity.

Types of kids swimming lessons in Hougang

Kid’s swimming lessons in Hougang are categorized into two types private classes and group swimming classes. The swimming classes are conducted in a public swimming complex, a purpose-built pool facility, or a private residential pool. The duration of Kids’ swimming lessons ranges from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the group size. Private swimming programmes and smaller group classes usually last for 45 minutes regardless of location, and a group class of 8 to 10 students can be an hour long. 

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Private Swimming Classes for Kids

The swimming coaches give one-on-one training to kids if they register for the private swimming lesson in Hougang. Doesn’t matter whether your kid needs to learn from the basic or improve the stroke techniques, the coaches can help you. Enrolling in private lessons will give you the advantage of scheduling the training at your desired location and time. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of clashes or divided attention. Your child will get complete attention in your private swimming pool. You don’t have to bring your child to our venue for the kids swimming lessons. The private certified instructor will be at your doorsteps giving your kid individual attention and step by step training you need.

Group Classes for Kids

Group swimming lessons provide a social and interactive experience to your children. Surrounded by kids of similar age and skills, your kid will learn swimming quickly and easily in these Kids’ swimming lessons in Hougang. Instructors decide the timings and locations. All you have to do is get your child enrolled in the one suited for you. Enrolling in these lessons will help your child to over fear and build up confidence.

What will your kids learn during swimming classes?

As children and kids grow up, they’ll get more active, experience more things, love traveling to other places, getting near or into the swimming pool being examples. Besides equipping your kid with water survival skills, learning to swim is a fun activity that induces a healthy lifestyle with long term benefits. 

Swimming is a skill that every kid so be aware of, even it is incorporated into the national education curriculum. Swimming schools adhere strictly to the SwimSafer syllabus of the national water safety program initiated by the National Water Safety Council in collaboration with the Singapore Sports Council.

SwimSafer is a progressive program comprise of 6 stages. Stages 1 to 3, and Bronze to Gold. This curriculum will help to give practical and current knowledge to his trainers and students alike


BRONZE: Personal Water Survival And Stroke Improvement Skills

The development of your child’s stroke techniques is covered in this stage. The kid is taught to coordinate breathing while swimming 100 meters. Watercraft safety is introduced with continual work on rescue and personal water survival skills.

SILVER: Intermediate Personal Water Survival And Stroke Perfection Skills

In this stage, your kid will learn the fundamental of diving. Besides, the development of rescue skills and personal water survival skills at a more advanced level is taught during kids’ swimming lessons in Hougang. The kid has to demonstrate efficient stroke techniques to finish the silver stage to enter the Gold stage. 

GOLD: Advanced Personal Water Survival And Swimming Skills Proficiency

Your kid will be required to perform strokes with ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over 400 meters. Even he or she is guided about the rescue skills and water safety knowledge focusing on readiness. Standing dive and advanced personal water survival skills are also part of this stage. 

How can Hougang Swimming help you?

Don’t let your kid suffer later on by not teaching them how to swim at a young age. Swimming teaches children all the crucial safety and skills that can be lifesaving. As mentioned above it builds your kid’s confidence in other areas by improving their accomplished skills. It provides them an opportunity to accept the challenges that can be best for self-esteem.

Enjoy swimming lessons in an indoor environment that ensures proper protection from the weather elements such as sunlight, rain, and haze! Get unparalleled learning ease with a heated pool to ensure the normal water temperature for the body.

At Hougang swimming , we will guide you about what you should know about Kids’ swimming lessons in Hougang before you take your kid to the swimming classes. You will find answers to all your doubts about the age, techniques, and classes to prefer.

Still, have queries? Feel free to talk with us today. We would be happy to help you with the best advice for your swimming lessons!